Why is my Laptop saying Plugged in Not Charging?

In this time of Covid spread across the world, electronic devices are essential devices that are used daily due to lockdowns put down everywhere in the world. In this modern world, one cannot survive without their laptops and if these very electronic devices have any problem, the life of the individual just becomes slow. So, today we are going to answer one of the common queries that are found on a daily basis. A laptop that can be taken anywhere and used anywhere requires to be kept charged, to keep a person active all day, but what happens when even when the laptop shows as plugged in but does not charge the device. 

The very first thing that a person needs to know before trying to fix the malfunction in their device is to know, from where the problem began in the very first place. I would like to narrow down the reasons why a laptop could cause such trouble while plugged in but charging. The first reason would be caused by the way the power cord has been carried around, the ways in which it might be packed in order to be taken to different places. Sometimes, a PC has a two-piece charger one that connects to the wall adapter and the other that connects to the laptop, these two power cords are connected. But if these cords are not connected properly then the laptop might not charge. The second reason for the situation would be a software malfunction, this occurs when the software has not been updated or has become old that is outdated, has been used too much. To install the battery would be the best and quickest option. 

If the battery starts to show signs such as overheating when charging, not fully charging the computer, and taking longer than the time that it takes to charge a normal PC.  


  1. To check that the laptop has been connected to the adapter properly, sometimes it is necessary to check this no matter how silly it might sound. Because even if there is a little dysconnectivity it can cause the trouble of the laptop not charging. 
  2. To confirm that a person is using the correct port to charge. Since there occurs many new discoveries daily, the invention of the USB C-Port charging is very convenient, as it helps charge faster than before. There are two C-Ports in a laptop one for charging and the other to transfer data, so it is necessary to plug into the right port. 
  3. If the laptop comes with a removable battery, then follow these steps: (a.) remove the battery from the laptop by unbolting the screws from it. (b.) Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds (c.) plug the charger in (d.) Power the PC on. After doing this if the pc starts to work again that means that the trouble was not with the charger but the battery. 
  4. To check for any trouble that is the bent or broken cord. if there are any of these broken or bent power cords, it might create sparks it might lead to not charge the device. 
  5. To update one’s drivers, once the driver is updated, reboot the PC and try charging it again. 
  6. To check the charging the portal, if dust or anything causing trouble in the portal is stuck there it might cause it to not get charged as well, so it has to be taken to a repair shop to be cleaned.
  7. Let the PC cool down, sometimes due to charging for excessive time can heat the charger too much. 
  8. Lastly, if none of these ideas help then seek professional help. 

Just like a person contracts diseases, so does your PC contract malfunction. There is nothing to get worried about, just go with the right methods and it can be retrieved to its initial stage. But in case if the PC has some major issues it is advised to be treated in a proper repair shop. 

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