H.P. Lovecraft was an American author widely known for his horror fiction novels and short stories. He is known as the Master of the 20th-century Gothic tale of terrors. Lovecraft as a person was always interested in science since his childhood. But due to his poor health conditions, he could not attend college. Lovecraft made his living by writing Ghost stories and novels but lived quite a secluded life in poverty. He became well known for his works after his death – he was acknowledged and loved by people only after his death. 

From the year 1923 onwards, his works started to get published in a magazine named Weird Tales. His most famous work – The Cthulhu Mythos, a series of tales talks about the ordinary New Englander’s experiences of meeting with extraterrestrial beings. His writings were usually negative in nature, and yet he has many fans or his novel lovers out there. 

The horror presented by Lovecraft in his novels is named after him, that is, Lovecraftian Horror. It is a sub-genre of horror, which depicts the fear of unknowable and extraterrestrial in nature, in a more shock striking manner. 

To speak of cats, H.P. Lovecraft was very fond of cats, we could also say that his life would be incomplete without the presence of his cat. He owned only one cat but named and fed every cat that he met or crossed paths with. The most common question asked by H.P. Lovecraft’s fans is what is the name of his cat? So, the answer to this question is “Nigger Man” or “N-word Man”. His cat was black in color, which depicted his thoughts which were colorless and black in nature.

His cat stirred controversies even after 120 years of its death. The man who is known as the godfather of weird and horror fiction, dearly called his pet by this name, which created a racial stir in it. Because of its racial significance, it has caused many troubles or tweets and memes on them after so many years of his death. The cat was his childhood friend who went missing in the year 1904 when he was about 14 years old. It is said to be the beginning of Lovecraft’s struggles in life. The name of his cat that referred to a racial slur indicated that H.P. Lovecraft was racial. 

Many people have pointed out his racial differences in his works and his life. It is said that in the 19th and early 20th Century, America was very racist and so it was a trend to name one’s pets in racist ways. It was so much in trend that, white people named their plants, or mountains, celestial objects, or even the sports team in the time. That means, the cat’s name would not have made much difference in that time, in fact, people might have ridiculed saying that it was not creative enough. 

H.P. Lovecraft was not an ordinary man of his time, he had the guts to voice his opinions loud to the world, all he needed were listeners. He had strong views, where he believed that the white people were above all the other races or people, and the other people or races in the world did not even consider humans.

He actually argued his opinions on non-white people that are vehemently expressed his opinions of racial purity, that every other human is a beast shaped like a human, which meant that white people were above in the hierarchy. The forms in which he stated his opinions were through writing letters to his friends, writing poems, he published articles in the newspapers, and also talked about it at parties. while none of his opinions were different from the society of that time, it was still inexcusable in nature.



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