What is Contemporary Issues Definition?

Contemporary issues are issues that affect the people or places, that are unresolved. Any issue that has implications, significance, or effects in the present time can be called a contemporary issue. To state if we are talking about world politics, the common issues known to the world would be the troubles in Syria, the fights against extremists such as the Taliban, North Korea, Iran, or Russia. 

Other contemporary issues might include issues like border issues, non-country residents crossing borders illegally, etc. An example of a contemporary issue in the United States of America would be the social issues against the black and immigration issues. 

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES: Domestic and gender violence, Child Care issues, educational issues, Workers Rights, Racial differences, Gender inequality, Environmental troubles, right to life & many more. Issues such as Abortion are taken quite leniently as no matter how much information is spread with regards to not take life and opt for other options other than killing. 

There is a need to study these contemporary issues from around the world, in order to get to a result where these problems are solved. To begin with, it would be to study the origin of the problem, to learn the causes of it, analyse the situation, and try to develop a solution to the problem. It is necessary to teach or explain such issues to students, as they need to be aware of the current issues occurring across the countries. This would help them to develop in personality as they would develop the sense to understand issues in their future and learn to find the answers to them as well. 

Now to talk about the common issues faced in almost every country:

  1. Pollution – This is an issue faced almost everywhere. the consumption of products and the waste left out are increasing. but this waste includes mostly Plastic wastes which do not get decomposed by the nature. It stays and accumulates. some solution to reduce this waste would be to recycle it and reuse it. 
  2. Violence – Domestic violence is quite prevalent. As domestic abuse is usually recorded less as people do not wish to expose the people who might be the reason behind the abuse. There are cases where the abuse takes place in one’s own house, which keeps the person being abused from complaining about the same. 
  3. Unemployment – it is a very common trouble for people searching for jobs in between the age group of 15 – 24 years of age. This issue causes many people to not be able to make living due to fewer employment opportunities. These issues occur due to the population increasing, which is crowding the cities and the employment opportunities are decreasing. 
  4. Malnutrition & Hunger – This is a very common issue faced due to the poverty increasing day by day. The plain idea that “Rich people get richer, and the poor get poorer”, is a very true statement as it plainly describes the truth that is faced. Poverty increasing, the poor do not have the money or resources to even afford a meal in one day. 
  5. Terrorism – This is a huge issue as it creates trouble for a large number of people in just one time. With terrorism increasing, the number of lives lost is also increased. Innocent lives are affected due to Terrorism. 

With so many other issues increasing and destroying the world in different ways at large, it is obvious that a person feels discouraged to take up or do anything good for themselves or others. But it is necessary to the awareness about these issues and people should take the issues into consideration and try to contribute to finding a solution for these. 

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