What does Bane of Arthropods do – All About it

Bane of Arthropods is an enchantment for the swords in the game named Minecraft which is widely been used and viewed. It is a popular enchantment, which is added to the axes with the help of an anvil. The Bane of Arthropods impacts the mobs which are called Arthropods, it includes Spiders, silverfish, ender mites, cave spiders, and bees. The impact of the attacks that the Bane of Arthropods causes 2.5 extra damage in every stage of the game. It has 5 stages, with each stage increasing the damage created by the enchantment is by 1.25 hearts and the Arthropods hit by this enchantment will have a Slowness IV added to them for a random time. The Bane of Arthropods allows giving a huge amount of damage done to these types of enemies. If the players have this enchantment activated in their game, they can get rid of many creatures that come their way. 

What does Bane of Arthropods do in Minecraft? So, the sword enchantment has 5 power stages, which gives the player the power to create extra damage when he has to deal with arthropods only, the damage is by 1.25 hearts each enchantment stage. This means that a spell on an axe with the Bane of Arthropods V will cause 6.25 additional hearts worth of damage to the mob that is arthropods. The impact and length of the damage depend on the enchantment level on which the damage is done. The spell slows down the enemy giving time for the player to move ahead. The slowness would be of 1 and 1.5 seconds on the first level. The result of the impact increases as the level increases by 0.5 seconds per stage. The duration of this impact will be 3.5 seconds at the 5th level of the enchantment. The player of Minecraft has to make a note of the incompatibility of Bane of Arthropods with the enchantments of Sharpness and Smite. The player can only use one of the enchantments at a time. 

How to add the enchantment to one’s sword or axe? The enchantment can be added to the sword or axe by enchanting table or Anvil or the Enchant command. The items to enchant with Bane of Arthropods are Enchanted Book, Diamond Axe, Golden Axe, Iron Axe, Stone Axe, Wooden Axe, Netherite Axe, Diamond Sword, Golden Sword, Iron Sword, Stone Sword, Wooden Sword, and Netherite Sword. The enchantment has to be held in the player’s hand in the sword or axe in use. If not, the player cannot make an impact against the species. 

Why is the Bane of Arthropods Bad? There are not many instances where the Bane of Arthropods can be used. It can only be used on the arthropods mob species in Minecraft set by the Mojang Studios. Arthropods are rare to find the one that is commonly found is spiders other than that there are barely any other to be found in the game. The spider is a weak mob so one-shot by the sharp sword is enough to strike it down, which is slow it down. That is why the use of this power cannot be taken in most of the scenarios.

Is Bane of Arthropods better than Sharpness? The weapon Sharpness does extras damage to everything, as for Smite it only helps to strike the undead mob. They include zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, skeleton horses, zombie horses, and zombie pigmen. The Bane of Arthropods has the same usage but the damage is only to the Arthropod mobs, which mainly include spiders, cave spiders, etc. Bane of Arthropods V can instantly kill spiders and silverfish. 

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