The Most Useful Applications on the Mobile Phone That Make Everyday Life Easier

Okay, it is time to admit it to ourselves – the mobile phone has become a kind of ‘right hand’ for us. It is always with us and we store everything we need in it. There are shopping lists, reminders of daily obligations, scheduled alarms, birthday reminders of our loved ones, and of course – the entire series of applications that serve us for this and that: to pay online, buy clothes, bet on a sport we love or favorite team on a site of a local bookmaker (and if your local bookmaker does not have a website, you can choose one – perhaps, from abroad – of those here), etc. At the same time, we do not mean here the applications of social networks – Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, which we open every day, even just out of boredom – but all those practical apps that really serve us, maybe more than we thought would be possible. 

Below we present a few applications that will make your everyday life easier and more interesting, and after installing them, you will definitely ask yourself – how have I lived without them so far?

QR & Barcode Scanner

If you pay attention to your diet and to the groceries you buy, this is the right application for you. With its help, you will be able to scan the bar code of each product you want to buy – and it will give you detailed information about the composition and ingredients of the scanned product. 

This way, you can be sure that you will buy safe and tested products, and that what is written on the packaging itself will not deceive you.

TV Time

If you are a film lover, or a person who enjoys both movies and TV shows – look no further, this is the best app for you. Once you create a free account, you have access to a database that consists of almost all the film and show releases from the past few decades, and in which you will be able to mark exactly what you have watched.

This may not sound like a life-changing app to you, but it can. For example, when you watch a show, you can accurately mark the episode and season you paused watching, in case you forget about it later. This way, you keep a reminder to yourself and you always know how far you have come in watching. This is a very useful application for all people who deal with pop culture and media content.

INCI Beauty

This application is very similar to the first application from the list, but specifically – it is focused on cosmetic products. If you are interested in natural and vegan cosmetics, and the composition of what you will apply to your face or body is very important to you, this app will definitely help you with that.

It will list the exact composition of the product you are interested in and thus let you know immediately whether it is suitable for you or not. This is also a useful application for people with different types of allergies.

Water Reminder

It sounds ridiculous, but it is very useful. If you are a person who does not have the habit of getting enough water into the body or a person who is very busy and simply forgets everything – this is the application for you. It will remind you when you should drink water until you drink enough fluids for the day.

You can adjust it to your rhythm, and with it, you are guaranteed to get in the habit of hydrating regularly.

Pocket Casts

If you enjoy podcasts and like to listen to them on the way to work or during other activities you do – we recommend this app. 

Yes, you can listen to numerous podcasts in other places, such as the Spotify app, but Pocket Casts is an app tailored to the podcasts and the needs of the audience that is interested in them. This application contains the largest database of podcasts in the world.


If you are a person who is interested in astrology and horoscope – here is an application for you. 

This app is in a way your hyper-personalized astrologer on your phone, and it, with the help of astrology experts and state-of-the-art NASA technology, tracks the exact position of the planets at all times and is guided by that information when creating your daily zodiac predictions.


This is an application for the most creative among us, who enjoy making and editing photos. If you want your Instagram account to rule – the VSCO application is the right choice, and it is also completely free. 

Some effects are only available if you buy them, but even without them, you have a large selection of interesting filters that will beautify your photos and your future feeds.

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