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Mangago is a free manga fan website that provides high-quality written manga series, manga news, reviews and interviews, and other manga resources. With the revolution of internet media, many entertaining programs have been growing in popularity all across the globe. But the Japanese entertainment programs such as manga and anime have been rising in popularity for the past decades. 

Although manga and anime are two different storytelling media, they both are based on Japanese origin. While manga is the graphic novels or comics represented with black and white sketching or drawing, the animes are the animated videos or movies mostly based on a particular manga series. 

With the growing demand for manga and anime, both Japanese media are experiencing a surge of popularity overseas in the west, contributing to their revenue sales. Because of their unique storytelling ability, there is an increasing number of manga enthusiasts who seek free manga websites such as Mangago to satisfy their desire to read them to the fullest. 

How does the Mangago website function?

Mangago website provides its viewers with free web media services for watching all sorts of manga series from old to new. The audience can browse the website from the comfort of their room to read it anytime and anywhere through various devices such as PCs, tabs, mobile phones or laptops, etc., with an internet connection. You can open this website to watch manga series of any genre with both Japanese and English language translations. 

The official domain name of mangago website is ‘’. The website functions as a beta version. By using mangago website, you would agree to all of the terms of the website, and the website reserves the right to perform any modification to the terms at any time without any prior notice to the viewers. 

This website can avail you of all-time popular manga novels and comics with other manga-related news and engage in fans’ conversion. Since there is an increasing number of foreign readers are now getting interested in reading manga, mangago website makes an effort to avail its audience with English translated manga series. 

How to read manga on Mangago website?

To open the website, choose a relevant web browser and type out the domain in the URL bar before tapping the enter key. Arriving upon the website, you can go to the search bar in the website to type out the manga series’s name or the author’s name to find your desired manga. Or, if you do not remember the manga name and wish to start reading any random one, they go to the all-genre page to find a suitable genre you are interested in. click on the checkbox and the ‘Ok Go’ button to proceed. 

The manga books are mostly available in volumes with either completed or ongoing storylines. You can choose to check both the boxes for completed and ongoing manga books or one of them as per your preference before proceeding. Now you can find a long list of manga series for that particular genre. Choose one of them by clicking on either its thumbnail or its manga title. You can go through the chapter page by page to read the manga by clicking on the ‘start reading’ button. 

Why Mangago is so popular for manga series? 

The manga enthusiasm has crossed over to western countries, even outselling the superhero comic books. This trend became popular in the 1970s with the introduction of ‘Star Blazers’ in America because of the Japanese TV series’ Space Battleship Yamato’ and that too with English dialogue. Then with the next hit of ‘Robotech,’ the popularity of anime raised ever further in the foreign market. 

Manga presents an art form with extensive applications with an intriguing storyline. Not only most of the manga series is based on hero-worshiping themes, but also they are also profoundly influenced by western themes. These Japanese graphic contents are developed with a distinctive visual style and talk about a wide variety of unapproachable subject matters. 

By reading manga, you can learn many unexpected things from child to adult-specific mangas. They discuss issues like mental health such as PTSD, Narcolepsy, life lessons, relationships, friendships, hardships, patience, struggles, teamwork, and many other real-life conditions. As the authors of the manga series are not restricted by their publishing agency or do not face any pressure from the local community, they go all out to create dramatic environments and subject matters that are unparalleled to the reality that forms an alternative universe. 

All these unexplored characteristics of manga series make the audience giddy with curiosity. Hence, non-profiting free platforms like Mangago bring a befitting opportunity for foreign viewers to read popular manga series without any restriction and without going through any premium conditions. Mangago is popular among its audience for facilitating the promotion, distribution, and consumption of manga media through manga news, reviews, and interviews in the English language for the international audience too. 

What are the advantages of using Mangago?

  • Easy access is easily accessible, unlike other paid platforms. Its online manga services can be accessed worldwide, so you would not face any kind of availability of issues. You can use the website to read your manga on your computer PC as well as on your smart mobile phone browser. 

  • HD quality manga print

The free manga reading platforms such as can avail high definition print for the manga series that they offer online. You can enjoy such HD quality manga content for free without going through any paid services wherever and whenever you want. 

  • No issues regarding portability

By using mangago, you would not face any portability issues where you have to carry around a physical manga book. You can get access to thousands of manga series through your laptop or your phone to stream them. Just connect to your internet network and go through the website to read your manga. 

  • Availability of a wide collection of genres

As a popular manga reading website, mangago brings you thousands of manga series to enjoy that spans across a large-scale of genres and subgenres. There are many Japanese manga genres available on this website that can catch your interest. Surf through the ‘all genre’ category to find the regular and some new options for genres. 

  • Mangago mobile app

Mangago website has taken the reading mange experience to a whole new level by introducing its mobile app. Now you can use the mobile application to gain quick access to the manga series. You can get instant notifications for every manga book that you have saved in your account when a new chapter gets published. 

  • The safe and secure reading experience

Mangago is a safe manga reading platform, which does not pose any kind of threat to its viewers’ security. The website values the privacy of its users. Hence, it would not share any personal information with any kind of third-party user or whoever logs on to the website. Such personal information includes the user’s e-mail address, name, and location. As you log into the website, things like IP address and hostname get logged for statistical and security reasons. You can use VPN to avoid such inconveniences. 

How can you browse Mangago safely?

Mangago is popular among its users for being a user-friendly website, unlike other free manga websites. Mangago makes a reasonable and mandatory effort to protect its users browsing data and personal information regarding passwords. It uses data encryption technology, access control procedures, firewalls, and physical security to safely browse the website. 

Mangago encourages its users to develop a unique password by using both textual and numeral characters to protect their accounts on the website. However, it is advisable for you to make use of a VPN to browse the website anonymously. Using VPN would secure your browsing information such as IP address, hostname, and information regarding your system from the third party users of the website, cyberbullies, and other government officials. 

What is available in Mangago?

Mangago is specifically designed for manga enthusiasts. Hence, the website not only publishes manga series but also news and events regarding a particular manga series too. The website avails both completed mangas and ongoing mangas of every Japanese genre. The website regularly uploads the latest episodes of the ongoing series and gives updates upon the manga news, interviews, etc. 

Which genres are available in Mangago?

  1. Yaoi (the romance between Men)
  2. Romance 
  3. School Life
  4. Martial Arts
  5. Adventure
  6. Mature
  7. Slice of Life
  8. Shotacon (targeted at young boys)
  9. Doujinshi (self-published print works)
  10. Fantasy
  11. Mystery
  12. Shoujo Ai ( girl love)
  13. Harem
  14. Mecha ( focuses on mechanical innovation)
  15. Sports
  16. Webtoons
  17. Shounen Ai ( boy love)
  18. Comedy
  19. One-Shot
  20. Supernatural
  21. Historical
  22. Psychological
  23. Gender Bender
  24. Shoujo (teen female)
  25. Smut
  26. Ecchi ( sexual innuendos)
  27. Drama
  28. Horror
  29. Sci-fi
  30. Tragedy
  31. Yuri ( romance among women)
  32. Adult
  33. Shounen (teen boys)
  34. Action
  35. Josei (targeted at adult women)
  36. Seinen ( targeted at adult men)
  37. Bara (gay comics)

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  • Where can I read manga for free online?

You can read manga series without paying a cent with Mangago website. The website provides free manga books collection from a wide range of Japanese manga genres with both Japanese and English translations. The website enables its users to save various manga series at a time to read them wherever they deem it suitable. 

  • Does Mangago have any app for android?

Yes, Mangago avails a mobile app for both android and iOS systems. Download the app from the link provided on the website to get easy access to your favorite manga series instantly. By downloading the app, you can get some more extra features within your account than its official website. The app will push a notification to you every time something new is uploaded on the website, such as the latest update to an ongoing manga series that you have saved in your account or some news regarding an upcoming manga series from your favorite author. 

  • Can I read manga on Mangago with English translation?

Yes, you can get many manga series translated into English appropriately on the mangago website. The team works to available such translated series more and more on its website platform for their foreign viewers. Do support the authors by making a purchase of their manga on lezhin web or a hard copy, and do not make any illegal use of their work for free without the author’s consent. 

  • Do I have to open an account on Mangago website to read for free?

No, you do not have to make any registration or open an account to get access to the manga series. But with opening an account on the mangago website, you can access the facility for saving books in your account for future requirements, and also you can give your review regarding the book too. 

  • Do I have to pay for reading manga on Mangago website?

As is a free online manga website, it would not charge you any money to read the manga. The only thing you would have to pay for is a steady internet connection. But connecting to a secured Wi-Fi server, you can easily avoid that problem too. Hence, reading manga on the Mangago website is a completely pay-free activity. 

  • How can I open an account in Mangago?

Browse the official website on Mangago via any relevant internet browser. On the website interface, you can see the sign-up and sign-in facility at the right-hand upper corner of the website. Click on the ‘sign up’ to go through the procedure of opening an account on the website. 

Free manga websites like Mangago are easy to access and ideal for easily affordable entertainment media for many manga-fanatics throughout the world. Read the ever-evolving manga series to get rid of your boredom with Mangago and get familiar with the Japanese culture. 

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