How to turn off narrator in Minecraft

Minecraft is widely known and the best-selling game across the world, with around 200 million units of the game being sold worldwide. The game broke a record of making a country map in the game by using 22 million blocks in the game. It was one of the world records that was broken by the game. 

If a player is familiar with the game and plays it quite often, they would know that there is a Narration text in the chatbox. Some players usually like that the Minecraft narrator narrates things to them. As it proves to be helpful for some of them, whereas Some find it unnecessary or distracting while playing the game. So, it makes them wonder how to turn off the narrator? And if the player has searched through all the available options and yet could not find the tool to turn off the narrator, then here we are to help you out with the trouble. 

The first thing that the player has to know is What are the Narrator settings in Minecraft? There are 3 narrator settings in the game. The player can also use these settings to customize what exactly the narrator should narrate to them. The setting is as follows: 

  1. The ‘System’ Tool, means that the narrator only reads out the system-generated messages. These messages occur in the game when the player uses some action or some command output. It does not read out what the player himself or herself writes. 
  2. The ‘Chat setting’ is useful when the player is on a multiplayer game, that is while playing with others. The narrator helps to read out the message so the other players from the chat if the narrator mode is on. But while reading chat messages it would not read out any system messages for the player. 
  3. The next option is ‘All’. If this option is turned on then the narrator would read out both the chat as well as the system-generated messages from the chatbox to the player for a convenient game. This option will make sure that then the player gets to know all the notifications from the chatbox. 
  4. The last option in the setting is ‘Off’. This does not count as an option, as turning off the narration would turn off all the previously set settings. All the narrations would be turned off. 

Now we will talk about how to turn off the narration in Minecraft? For some players, it can be annoying to listen to the narration of everything in the game. It can be distracting and make the player lose concentration from the game. But the task of turning the narrator off is not as much of a difficult task at all. There are 2 ways to tackle this. 

For a player who is using their PC, the easiest way would be to use the same keys that are used to get the narrator settings that is Press “CTRL” and “B” together. It will not instantly turn off the narrator but will give the player a different setting that was mentioned above, through which the player can turn off the narrator. There would be a small window that would appear on the screen and through that window the player could know in which state of narration he is playing the game. Then the player could simply press the “Narration Disable” and the narration would be turned off for everything. 

But if the player is not playing the game on PC but some other device that does not have a keyboard, then the player will have to use another option. And the option is simple that is the player has to go to “Settings” on the main screen. On the left side, mostly on the top of the screen, there would be a tab named “Accessibility”. The player has to click on that tab, to access the required settings. After having clicked on the Accessibility tab, on the right side there would be an option that reads as “Enable UI Screen Reader” which would probably be enabled beforehand, the player just has to switch it off. And that’s how the narration would be turned off from the game. 

In case the player decides or wants to enable the narration mode for later days or games, the player could go through either by pressing “CTRL” + “B” to toggle and get to the narration settings or go to the settings to the “Accessibility” tab and then go to the “Enable UI Screen Reader”. Once the player turns on the narration the switch beside it would show as green, then means it has been turned on. 

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