It can be extremely annoying for a person who is a regular player when the game takes too much time to load. Most of the time gets wasted because of this loading for some users. So let me help you, with how to make Minecraft run faster and reduce the lagging when the game is started. The first thing that the player has to keep in mind or ensure about the same is to make sure that their device has met the Minecraft Minimum System Requirements, which could be one of the reasons why the game would be taking time to load. 

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CHANGE THE GAME SETTINGS: The best, simplest, and easiest way to speed the game of Minecraft is to turn off the game settings or lower it. 

  1. Choose the Default Package: Firstly, the player can find the resources packages in the Ram loaded, which helps to lower the speed in the game. In order to do this, the user has to click on “options”. Then the options saying “resources packs” would be visible the user has to click on it. Then a tab that says “default” has to be selected and lastly “done” has to be clicked. Now the player can check the speed by trying to play a game. 
  1. Lower Video Settings: If this doesn’t work then another set is about lowering the video settings. The video settings being kept turned on would mean that clear images and pictures would be available to the player in the game, but this has a chance of making the game slower, so the player can change the video settings and make Minecraft faster.
    The steps to do this is to first click on the “options”. Go to the “video settings”, and set graphics on fast mode then turn the smooth lighting, 3D Anaglyph, Use VSync, View Bobbing, and Clouds “off”. And lastly, lower the Max Framerate. Once this is done the game might get back on its actual speed.
  2. Change the Minecraft Resolution: This method would cause the window of the game to become smaller in size, but it would make the speed much better. To reduce the resolution of the game, the player has to Run Minecraft and click on the menu that is the three lines that represent it on the top right-hand corner, of the window. Then the player will have to “Launch options”, then go to the “advanced settings” in it, and click on “Add new”. The player will have to give a name then click on the “Resolution”.
    The player has the liberty to change the size as per his or her wish and then click on “Save”. Once this is done the player has to go back to the menu and go to the “News Tab”, when he clicks on it the play option would come up, the player has to click on the arrow next to the option and choose the name that he or she had added. And then they can play the game and check. 
  3. Turn off sound settings in Minecraft: The easiest and simplest way through which the player can speed up the game of Minecraft is by reducing the sound or turning it off, it doesn’t use up much time and has a simple procedure. The player has to go to the “options”, click on the “Music and sound” and turn it off. And then continue to play the game. 

If none of the above-mentioned solutions do work, then the user should try updating the device. If the device is very old then it might be that the performance of the same might have been reduced. Then the player will have to upgrade in order to have the best gamer experience.  

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