How to make charcoal in Minecraft

Every player has to face the first night in the Minecraft world, and in order to see in the dark, torches are required to prevent the mob spawns and finding coal for the same would prove to be difficult, but it all depends on the biome or region that the player is in. But the chances of the player being around trees are more likely as no matter where they are spawned there usually are trees around them, which means that the player could light up their surroundings using the charcoal. The usage of charcoal is better than coal as it can be renewed and there is no fear of running out of them when the player has succeeded to later stages in the game. If the player has saplings, then that would mean that charcoal would be infinite as saplings are infinite in the game. 

The items that are required in the game to create the charcoal are wood logs any variety would work, a furnace, and a fuel source. The first thing to make charcoal is to burn the wood logs, wood logs can be obtained through trees and they can be availed from anywhere and each one wood log would give one charcoal. The furnace will have to be made through 8 cobblestones and these can be dug out from the ground unless the player is spawned in the sky. The fuel source can be obtained through coal, but if the player does not have coal, then he would use any wood-based item to create fuel. 

Now going ahead to the step by step, the process of creating charcoal in Minecraft are as follows:

  1. The player has to begin with finding a tree, any tree will do starting from a classic oak tree to the acacia or jungle trees. Once the player has found it, he or she would have to chop it down based on the player’s choice, and the player can just use his or her hands for the same. 
  2.  Once the wood logs have been obtained then he or she can turn them into planks, with the four planks obtained the player can make a crafting table. 
  3. To make a crafting table, the player has to open his inventory and has to place the wooden planks in each slot of the grid of 2×2, and now the crafting table that has been obtained from this has to be dragged from there to the inventory. 
  4. Now once the crafting table is ready, the player has to place the crafting table and create a pickaxe in order to gather the stones. So, the player has to gather at least 8 cobblestones and make the furnace on the player crafting table. 
  5. Now the player has to place the furnace and if the player has leftover wood, then he can create the charcoal, or else the player will have to gather the wood to create charcoal again. 
  6. Now the player has to open the furnace and place the wood logs on the top of it. The logs have a good cooking efficiency. If the player has any leftover sticks they can also be used to fuel the furnace and it would yield 0.5 items per stick. 
  7. Now the player has to place the fuel made of choice under the logs and wait for it to be cooked. 
  8. Now the player has charcoal ready to be used. 

Charcoal is a similar item as coal in Minecraft. It would mean that once the first piece of charcoal has been used to cook the player can reuse it to make more amount of charcoal. The player can also use the charcoal and sticks as torches to light up the area around the area the player is in. It can also be used to light up campfires. 

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