How to make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has different layers and varieties of aspects to explore. There are many tasks in the game and a player can construct many different buildings and structures in the world. But in order to climb these buildings to the top, it would be difficult and time-consuming, so the player should create an elevator to take them up and down of the building. 

Here we are going to speak about how to create an elevator that goes up and down with the help of water. There is nothing to worry about as this elevator does not drown, the mechanism used to make this happens, uses bubbles to push the elevator up the building. This method saves the time and energy of the player from climbing up and down the stairs all day long. The water elevator can go 11 blocks up. 

To begin this process of making the elevator the player must have at least one iron bucket to help fill with water, the player’s choice of blocks to build the elevator, one magma block, one block of soul sand, and two signs of any kind. If the player does not have an iron bucket, then he can make it with Three iron bars. When one starts to craft the structure, one should gather water sources from an ocean or river. To get the soul sand and magma cube the player has to take it from the nethers but the player has to be well equipped in order to gather these items as the nether is a very dangerous place. As for the building blocks any block can be used to make the elevator whatever block the player has can be used but to make the elevator look cooler or stylish, glass blocks would be a better choice. 

To start making the water elevator, the player can start with the building blocks, that is by surrounding a single block with only one space to take the elevator go up. There has to be dug out the floor level in the middle of the column and the soul sand has to be placed in the middle of the column. A two-block walkway has to be created on the soul sand and the two signs have to places on the sides, the signs are meant to block the water from flowing out of the elevator while allowing the player to walk through them. Once the elevator takes the person up, in order to come down, the water has to be placed in an open space which will help the elevator go all the way down the soul sand. For this mechanism to work, the player has to make sure that all the single spaces in the elevator have to have a water source placed there, if not it will not work. 

To know if the player has done the mechanism right, he /she has to check if the water is moving upwards with bubbles in it. Now the player can get into the elevator and check, the elevator will take the player all the way up. There is no risk of drowning because of the bubbles flowing alongside the single space in the water. Now the player has to do the same steps that he did earlier in order to go down, but in place of the soul sand, the person has to place the magma block. If the player does the process right then he/she could see the water bubbles going down to the magma block. 

The player has to be careful while standing on the magma block for survival, as it would damage the health of the player, so once the elevator reaches the floor the player has to walk out in order to regain his or her health. Because if the player gets stuck on the floor, he would not be able to swim against the current flowing downwards. The players have an option to not go for a magma block, instead, the player can use any block but the speed of the elevator would be comparatively slower than the magma block. But if that works for the player then he can opt for it. 

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