How to make a stonecutter in Minecraft

A stonecutter is used to craft stone-related blocks to a more precise shape or size than using a crafting table. It can also be used as the stone mason’s job site block. It can be used to place under the note blocks to produce a “bass drum” sound. Stonecutters have the ability to generate inside stone masons’ houses in villages. A stonecutter can be mined with any type of pickaxe, if it is mined without a pickaxe, it drops nothing. The stonecutter is fully functional in Java Edition, as well as the Bedrock edition such as the Pocket Edition, Windows 10, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

Where can a player find the stone cutters in the creative menu of their respective versions? 

  1. In the Java Edition, the stonecutter can be found in the decoration blocks 
  2. In the Pocket Edition, the stonecutter can be found in the decorations and the items in the creative menu location. 
  3. In the Xbox version, the stone cutter can be found in the Items menu 
  4. In the PS4 versions, the stonecutter can be found in the Miscellaneous and items. 
  5. In the Nintendo Switch version, the stone cutter can be found in the item’s location. 
  6. In the Windows 10 version, the stone cutter can be found in the decorations and items same as the Pocket edition. 
  7. In the Minecraft Educational Edition as well the stone cutter can be found in the decorations and items. 

Now going ahead on how to make a stonecutter in Minecraft? The player should follow these steps in order to make a stonecutter, the steps are as follows: 

  1. Firstly, the player has to open the crafting menu, to get the 3×3 crafting grid. 
  2. Next is to add the materials to the make stone cutter on the crafting table. To make a stone cutter the player requires 1 iron ingot and 3 stones in the 3×3 grid. The materials have to be placed in a certain order that is, in the first row the iron ingot has to be placed in the second box. In the second row, the three stones have to be placed. It is the Minecraft crafting recipe for the stonecutter. 
  3. Now that the materials are placed in the correct places in the 3×3 grid, the stonecutter would appear in the box below the crafting grid. 
  4.  Once the player has the stone cutter, the player needs to grab and move the new material to one’s inventory.

This is how a player can make a stone cutter.

What are the usages of a stonecutter? The stonecutter can be used to craft stone-based blocks, instead of using a crafting table. All of the recipes used to make an item through this stone cutter just require one ingredient and it produces one product only but in a varying quantity. The materials can be made in much easier steps through a stone cutter than a crafting table that is many steps could be skipped and better products can be obtained. 

For example, to turn a stone block into a chiseled stone brick, a lot of steps would be required while making it through a crafting table whereas it can be directly turned through a stone cutter. Another example would be of making stone stairs, while using a crafting table, 6 blocks are crafted into 4 stairs only whereas through the stone cutter one block would yield one stair of stone block. 

An option to change one’s profession. If in a village there is a stone cutter that has not been claimed by any member of the village then a member of another village can claim the job and has a chance to change his or her profession to a stonemason.  

In the stone cutter, even though the iron blade seems to be spinning continuously, it does not cause any damage and has no hitbox in it. A stonecutter is comparatively more efficient than a crafting table for making stairs or any other material at it does not work with fewer materials in use. The stone cutter is said to be based on the old Bedrock Edition of the stone cutter, as both of them seem to have similar functionality. 

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