How to crawl in Minecraft

Crawling was a glitch that started to appear in the game after the gamers fixed the hitboxes sizes and eye height. But the developers developed the glitch into a mechanism as it provided many new experiences and fun activities to the players. And so, the new feature in the game became a new fan-favorite among the players. 

Crawling is a technique that is used by a player to protect themselves from suffocating in small spaces, such as if the place is 1.5 blocks high or lesser in size, the player can take the position of crawling to survive in there. These mechanics were specifically the Java-specific feature. This mechanism is initiated only when the player is at a risk. If not Crawling cannot be activated. To explain it better I would present some situations when the crawling mechanism gets activated. 

  1. When the trap door is closed on the player. 
  2. If a fence gate is closing when the fence gate is at the same altitude as the head of the player. 
  3. While exiting a swimming mode that is 1 block high. 
  4. While using a piston to push a block into the player.
  5. While exiting the elytra mode which has a one-block high space. 
  6. If a tree grows over a player. 
  7. While throwing an Ender Pearl into a one-block high space. 
  8. If a shulker box pushes the player down, but this usually makes the player sneak, the player would only crawl if there is a slab or a not full block over. 
  9. If a boat lands on the head of a player. 
  10. While getting off a pig with a saddle, only if it is under a one-block high space. 

In such a situation faced by the player, the player automatically starts to crawl, and once the situation is sorted out, the player stands on his own. That is, the crawling mechanism switches back to the standing mode. The speed of the player while crawling is like a sneaking one. It is slower in pace. When the player is in a crawling mode the height of the player gets reduced to 5/8 of a block, which means that the player can crawl over 3/8 blocks, that is the height of the daylight sensor. But to get the crawl feature the player can Press C to crawl, while on a PC. 

The crawling technique was not available in Minecraft until the recent update of 1.14 Update. If the player is swimming and then goes to the one block space filled with air or a block that is not waterlogged, then the player can crawl like an old elytra glitch or the new Java glitch, which involves trap doors. Crawling can be started in the Java edition without much work compared to the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. 

In the Minecraft Bedrock, the player has to enter the swimming animation first, and for this, the water has to be at least 2 blocks high. The player can use doors or signs on either side of the water blocks in order to control the water from flowing out. The player has to construct a passage that is of one block space height through which the player can crawl, which would make sure that the player crawls through the same passage and exit from it doing so. 

Once the player walks towards the water the crawling mechanism would come on and then he can crawl out of the water. A player can use this crawling mechanism to create a crawl-only secret space for himself or herself. That is by creating secret paths to some of the player’s most prized creations or the sources he has, he could use this technique. And if the player does not want to create secret pathways, then he could also opt to create obstacles or train himself through this mechanism. Which would enhance his gaming. 

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