How long is a Minecraft day? – Time Periods of MineCraft

Minecraft is a Single-player or multiplayer game, that is liked by many users and is also a game that has been topped the most played and reviewed game around the world. Here we are going to talk about the time differences and similarities with real-time and day. To begin with, the time in Minecraft is 72 times faster than the normal real-world time. To explain it better if we take 1 second of Minecraft Time, it has 0.27 ticks but in the time in real would real-world be 0.0138 seconds. To make it much simple, 50 seconds in the real world would be 1 hour in Minecraft’s Virtual world. 

Daytime –

Daytime in Minecraft is the longest session in the game that actually lasts only for 10 minutes in the real world. When a player plays on a single-player mode the game starts with the day and night cycle which always begins from the start of the day. Most of the multiplayer modes in the game also begin with the day-night cycle, but if the player enters in the middle of the game the day and night cycle continues it does not change. During the daytime in the game, the sun rises and the sky is painted blue based on the current biome, it means that the regions showcases in the game would change according to the time of the day in the game. The noontime in the game shows the rays of sunlight hitting land these sunlights can be fatal to undead creatures in the game such as Zombies and skeletons, because if they are exposed to direct light then they would burn or would be set on fire. Whereas sunlight is needed for the growth in the saplings, grass, and crop blocks in the game. 

Sunset/ dusk –

In the game sunset is the time between daytime and night-time in the game which only lasts for 1 and a half minutes. At this time the sun sets on the western side of the region in play and the moon rises from the eastern region of the play. But in the Pocket edition of the game, the sun sets in the south and the moon rises from the north. The sun is shown to be large in size when setting, with the sky being a shade of orange and red. The levels where light does not reach during this time in the game start to dim and do not have any other light to show. The diming of light is by 1 every 10seconds. In the time between dusk and dawn if the player or players go to bed then the time would not pass, that is with the other regards in the world such as crops would not grow faster and the food will not be cooked faster either. 

Night-time –

When the sun sets and the nighttime begins in the game, the nighttime lasts for about 7 minutes in the real world. In this virtual night, the moon comes to its zenith with the stars made as a dot in the dark blue sky. The stars move with the sun from beginning with the sunset and to the sunrise. In the virtual world, the night is covered in darkness but the mobs can spawn on the surface of the land, the crops will continue to grow unless the player uses a bed to skip the nighttime. The lights in this time are reduced to a 4. 

Sunrise/ Dawn

The sunrise is similar to the sunset, falls between the nighttime and the daytime, and lasts for about 1 and a half minutes in real-world time. Similar to the sunset the sun would rise from the east with a shade of bright orange coming in as the light and the sun would be large, but the moon would set in the western side of the region in the game. All the lights in the game would start to come back slowly with the speed of 1 light level brighter every 10 seconds. The return of the sunlight would decrease the threat from the undead creatures. 

The clocks in the game are very useful to the players as it helps to determine the time when the player is playing the game underground. It will help the player from not falling in front of the threats.

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