Everything has its pros and cons, and so does tanning one’s skin. It involves risks if the body is exposed for too long, based on the skin of the person. Some people love to tan their skins as per their own choice, but some prefer it as a hobby and do it on a regular basis. If one wants to spend their time tanning their skin in the sun, they can reduce some of the risks by following some techniques to tan skin quickly. 

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How long does it take to tan outside? A person can get tanned in just 10 minutes sometimes, whereas sometimes it can take an hour. If Sunscreen is not applied to the skin before tanning the skin might be tanned quickly. Sometimes the skin tan does show right away because when the skin is exposed to the sun it creates melanin which makes the skin take longer to show the tan on it.

This makes the skin change color slower or after the tanning has been done. And most of the time the skin tanning procedure happens depending on the skin type of the person like if light-skinned person tans in the sun his or her skin might burn but if a dark-skinned person tan in the skin, he or she might just tan, but both of these people have a threat, as it damages the skin. 

Factors that influence Tanning: Tanning has many factors that will influence the time that it takes to tan a person’s skin. Some depend on the skin of the person whereas some depend on the weather in which the person tans their skin. The factors are as follows: 

    1. If a person tans in a place that is at a higher altitude, then the skin gets tanned and burned quickly. 
  • Tanning can be done faster and can be protected from getting faded if the tanning in the sun is done in a humid climate as the air has moisture in it. 
  • People who have melanin in their body tan faster, so the people who are dark-skinned have melanin and tan faster, as the sun triggers their cells known as melanocytes which makes the skin darker.
  • Another important factor of tanning the skin is the position of the sun and the time of the day in which sunbathing is done. If the person is in a place that is close to the equator, then the tanning would happen more likely. 
  •  If the sun’s exposure to the skin of the person is direct and without a shade then the person will more likely burn or tan faster. 
  • If the person uses a sunscreen with SPF in it then it takes longer to tan in the sun, that is it means the more the SPF the longer it takes to tan. 

How to tan faster? Consuming tanning pills can be very hazardous to a person’s health. An individual should keep in mind that if they do a base tan, it would not be dangerous to the skin. A person can exfoliate their skin before going for tanning, as this would help the tan not fading away sooner. Using SPF sunscreen would help from tanning slower and not burning the skin.

A very important thing that a person should keep in mind is to keep changing their positions frequently as it would help from not burning the skin. If one desires to darken their skin tone then they can eat fruits and vegetables like carrot, which contain beta-carotene as it helps to darken naturally. Eating tomatoes, tomato paste, and watermelon would help the skin to fight UV rays naturally. Tanning is done best in the time period of noon to 3 pm, as at this hour UV rays are the strongest, it is the good as well as the dangerous time to tan. But caution has to be taken when tanning. 

An extra note that I would like to recommend is that tanning beds can be very harmful so it is better than a person does not use tanning beds while tanning. A person can also get a tan by using a spray tan or by using a bronze lotion. A tan can never be permanent because a person’s skin naturally exfoliates with time. 

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