How did we get here – The Challenge in MineCraft

How did we get here? is one of the most challenging advancements in the Minecraft Java Edition, that a player can get to. These kinds of achievements are a way to boost the player’s competence in the game, as a reward for accomplishing tasks. Advancements are accomplishments that the players have to complete and these accomplishments would stay with the player permanently. There are a variety of advancements that a player can get easily and some are hard as well. The advancement system is to help the players or beginners to go through the game. 

The reason why how did we get here? achievement in Minecraft is considered hard is because of the many criteria’s that the advancement holds. Without covering these criteria, the player cannot achieve advancement. This How did we get here achievement follows a furious cocktail advancement and has another requirement that is to have every effect applied at the same time. This is a secret achievement, not every player s knows about this.  

How to achieve the how did we get here?? For a player to achieve the How did we get here? advancement, he or she has to turn all the status effects on themselves. But this task is not as easy as it sounds. The players need to get 26 unique status effects in order to complete this effect. 

The status effects that the player has to get are as follows – Absorption Bad Omen, Blindness, Conduit Power, Dolphin’s Grace, Fire Resistance, Glowing, Haste, Hero of the Village, Hunger, Invisibility, Jump Boost, Levitation, Mining Fatigue, Nausea, Night Vision, Poison, Regeneration, Resistance, Slow Falling, Slowness, Speed, Strength, Water Breathing, Weakness and Wither. The players who are experienced would understand that not all the status effects in this list are from potions, some are applied by mobs. So, to achieve this advancement players will have to prepare these potions needed to achieve the advancement. 

The potions and the main ingredient required for the same are as follows:

  1. Potion of Invisibility would require the potion of night vision and the fermented spider eye 
  2. Potion of Night Vision would require the Golden carrot.    
  3. Potion of Leaping would need the Rabbit Foot as the main ingredient
  4. Potion for poison would need the spider eye 
  5. Phantom Membrane would be needed as the main ingredient for the Potion of Slow Falling
  6. The turtle shell is the main ingredient for the Potion of the Turtle Master 
  7. Sugar would be the main ingredient for the Potion of Swiftness
  8. Potion of Fire Resistance has Magma Cream as the main ingredient 
  9. Pufferfish is required for the Potion of Water Breathing 
  10.  Potion of Strength requires the main ingredient of Blaze powder 
  11. Fermented Spider Eye is also required as the main ingredient for Potion of Weakness 
  12. Ghast Tear is required as the main ingredient for the Potion of Regeneration

For applying the rest of the status effect another required aspect is the mobs, the task is that the player will have to gather the following mobs in one place: 

  1. Elder Guardian for Mining Fatigue 
  2. Dolphin for the Dolphin’s Grace 
  3. Shulker for Levitation 

The players will have to get the Bad Omen effect by killing a raid Captain and the Hero of the Village effect by Protecting a village from a pillagers raid in Minecraft. 

There are some items that the player will require to finally apply the status effect:

  1. Rotten flesh of hunger 
  2. Conduit and prismarine for Conduit Power 
  3. Spectral arrow for glowing 
  4. Beacons for resistance and haste 
  5. Pufferfish for nausea 
  6. Golden apples for absorption 
  7. Suspicious stew made with Azure Bluet for Blindness 
  8. Wither rose for Wither 

After gathering all these items, the player will have to apply them all one after the other, but the player has to keep in mind that some of the status effects only last for seconds, so the player will have to work accordingly in order to achieve the advancement. 

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