Hard Drive Essentials: What Every Photographer Should Know

For photographers, photography storage is a huge deal. After all, you have to keep all your photos safe in one accessible place, right? Yes, storage devices enable photographers to store their pictures in one place and keep these photos safe at the same time.

Before the advent of cloud storage and different storage sites for photos, photographers had to choose among all the other brands of hard drives and flash drives. There is also the matter of considering whether hard drives are better to use compared to a flash drive or vice versa.

Although hard drives and flash drives fulfill the same purpose, they are distinct based on storage capacity. Hard drives have a larger storage capacity compared to flash drives which makes hard drives the ideal choice for most photographers. On the other hand, some photographers prefer flash drives because flash drives are smaller and more comfortable to carry around. Even though flash drives cannot store as many photos and files as hard drives, they can still be useful for storing images from one photoshoot session.

Since hard drives carry more photos and files compared to flash drives, they are the most reasonable choice for every photographer. But before you invest in one, there are some things you need to know when it comes to choosing the right external hard drive. Below are some of the most important things you need to consider when selecting hard drives.

Determine the Amount of Extra Storage You Need

As a photographer, you must have a reliable computer where you can edit all your photos in. Your computer comes with a default storage system known as its internal hard drive. Computers have been designed to hold internal hard drives that have 256, 512, or 1,000 gigabytes of storage. The more photos you take, the more extra storage you will need.

If your computer only holds 256 gigabytes of storage, you might want to consider purchasing an internal hard drive with a bigger storage capacity. You can have your computer customized to hold a more extensive storage system. In case you need more space after upgrading your computer’s internal hard drive, you can always opt for an external hard drive.

The best thing you can do in choosing the right storage size is to determine your needs as a photographer and how often you take pictures. For example, a seasonal photographer will need more storage space because they must take a lot of photos every season compared to an event photographer.

You have to consider the file size of your photos. They are influenced by the quality and resolution of every picture. Images that have outstanding quality and resolution take up vast spaces. This means that if you take many high-quality photos, you need to invest in a bigger storage device. Hard drives were made to enhance convenience in storing and protecting all your files without worrying about file size.

Speed Is Essential

Most external hard drives nowadays have been designed as plug-and-play devices. This means that they are already configured to work for Windows and Mac computers and can be used immediately. External hard drives always come with a wire that allows you to plug them into your computer. You need to be mindful of the cables you use because if you use a USB 2 cable on a USB 3 port, you might not get top speeds in transferring files. Photographers on a tight schedule would appreciate hard drives that have faster transfer rates compared to those who do not.

Consider the Ports

You also have to be mindful of how your storage device connects to your computer. Nowadays, there are a lot of many different interfaces that you can choose from. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing a hard drive, you have to check the kind of connection it offers. Some portable hard drives use Firewire while others use Micro USB.

You also have to learn to differentiate between USB and Thunderbolt ports to determine the kind of speed and performance your external hard drive will offer. Thunderbolt ports work faster and more efficiently compared to USB ports. More gadgets are switching to the use of Thunderbolt ports instead of USB ports.

Quality Should Always Be Checked

Photography is a challenging hobby, but who knew that choosing among different external hard drives is also very challenging? There are many essential things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best hard drive. You have to consider speed, accessibility, and storage size. The critical thing to remember is that you must invest according to your needs as a photographer.

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