Difference between MicroSD and MicroSDHC

MicroSD card is basically is a miniature version of the SD card, used in small portable electronics such as smartphones, SLRs, Dashcams and other electronic devices. If we use an adapter, the microSD card can be inserted to any device in its SD card slot and can be used easily. The SD stands for Secure digital. MicroSD cards are smaller or limited in size, so it has 1TB, while SD cards would have a higher number. It is basically a flash memory card that can be used for storing files and would last longer periods of time. SD card data is stored in a series of electronic components namely NAND chips, which allows the data to be written and stored on the SD card. Data can be transferred easily from an SD card, unlike a CD or Hard-drive. Secure Digital was created and developed by the SD Association to establish a reliable, efficient and standardized flash memory technology. 

The advantages of an SD card: 

  1. An SD card provides increased storage in the device. The SD card is portable and is easy to carry around as it does not need to be taken around separately. 
  2. Phone that has high storage space, are usually costlier than the normal phone, so buying a SD card would be much cost friendly than buying a costly phone. 
  3. With the addition of an SD card into one’s device such as a smartphone, the use of internal storage would be less that would reduce the phone memory consumption. 
  4. Use of an SD card is friendly as it does not use battery power from your device. 
  5. It is easy to access an SD card on one’s computer or laptop, all that’s needed is a card reader, once the reader is plugged into the computer port. 
  6. Data stored in a SD card does not have any trouble when one faces a power failure or any disturbance.

 The disadvantages of an SD card:

  1. The SD card has a threat of breaking easily. Plus, if it is subject to any electronic corruption then it leads to the card being unreadable, and if the metal part of the card is damaged then the data inside the SD card would suffer. 
  2. The life span of an SD card is limited. 
  3. If the SD card is of a low quality, it might damage the device in use, or cause trouble in the performance of the card. 
  4. Even though the SD card provides higher storage space, it is slower than the Phone internal memory storage. 
  5. If one stores the apps in an SD card, and removes the SD card from the device the apps would go with it, and there is a high chance that when the SD card would re-insert the apps might turn out to be not accessible. 
  6. Keep a watch on the most obvious point, to not buy a fake SD card. It is a common advice but it is easy to go for a fake one. 

The difference between MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards is that microSD card has a limited storage size of 2 gigabytes, whereas microSDHC cards has the capacity of 32 gigabytes. So basically, the HC in the microSDHC stands for Higher Capacity. Devices that have microSD port are not always compatible with microSDHC. There is a difference in size, that is, microSD is miniature as the size of a fingernail. Both these cards are used in mobile electronic devices, that is the devices that are portable in nature. Recently, secure digital had launched a microSDXC which stands for extended capacity, it can hold 2 terabytes of data. This new SD card can only compatible with particular devices. 

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