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February 26, 2021

Animeram – Watch Live Anime Episodes

Animeram is a free anime streaming website. On this website, you can watch old and newly released anime movies and series for free with English subtitles or with English dubbing. The curiosity among the audience for watching animation and cartoon web-series and drama is increasing day by day.  The anime fans are obsessed with overlooking... Read More

Animeram is a free anime streaming website. On this website, you can watch old and newly released anime movies and series for free with English subtitles or with English dubbing. The curiosity among the audience for watching animation and cartoon web-series and drama is increasing day by day. 

The anime fans are obsessed with overlooking anime dramas to watch free because they show interest in the anime characters. Generally, most anime characters are designed young, with an aesthetically pleasing getup, and possess desirable characteristics such as strong, confident, determined, with a positive attitude. 

Even though the animes are created to aim at the teens, who like to visualize a youthful hero that save the society from the evil world; they are appreciated by all age group regardless of cultural communities, since it has spread all over the world. Thus, websites like Anime ram are the perfect way to quench the desire to watch anime shows and programs for free.

How does Animeram work?

The official domain of the animeram is ww2.animeram.cc. When it comes to anime movies and series, animeram is the best option to choose since it avails HD-quality anime content that you can enjoy with English subtitles or dubbing and can also download the video content directly from the site for free.

The website has various categories for the latest, upcoming and popular anime content that you can choose from the homepage directly. You can watch the anime episodes by streaming the movies and all videos in HD-quality on iPod, iPhone, Android devices, windows, and blackberry devices with an internet connection anywhere. 

The website has a wide array of genres and subgenres that you would like to choose. Even though the anime is originated from Japan, you can get knowledgeable about more than Japanese history, language, and culture-fluidity. In the popular anime category, you can find the anime-series that emphasize friendships and relationships with an exciting plotline.

How to stream the animes?

Animeram can be streamed through any electronic online streaming device that has an internet connection, such as smart cellphones, laptops, tabs, and PCs. On the URL bar, type out the official domain of the Animeram through any internet browser, then click enter. Once the website is open, click on the thumbnail of your desired anime show or browse for the title of any specific anime in the search bar and enter. 

Once the page opens, you can choose the episode you want to watch and click on it to select. It would open an inner page that would take you to video-play. Now you can set the quality of the video and turn on the sub if available and stream. There would be a direct option for downloading the video. You can click on it to watch the episode offline on your device, which is the main attraction of this website.

Other redirecting websites for Animeram

  • Animeram.com
  • Dbzsuper.tv
  • Ww1.animeram.cc
  • Animeram.tv
  • AnimeFrenzy

Other similar named websites as Animeram

  • Animeram.co
  • Animeram.eu
  • Animeram.io
  • Animeram.me
  • Animeram.net

What are the advantages of using Animeram?

The anime-enthusiast can browse this website easily because of its user-friendly and intuitive interface that can access excellent quality manga and anime content. You do not even have to sign-up on the website to stream the videos without any premium activity.  

  • Interface

The website interface is typically framed like a gaming webpage. The header of the interface has three subcategories, i.e., watch anime, Naruto Shippuden, dragon ball super. Below that, you can see the title frame that has the website name as ‘Animeram,’ with ‘A’ written with an anime character. 

In the same frame, you can find the schedule option, random and popular option, and click on the browse button if you are searching for something on the search bar. Below the header, there is a sub-frame above the body that shows the thumbnails of popular anime and manga series that are newly released. 

The homepage of the animeram has a lot of useful links that are well-organized so that the viewers can pick out the upcoming anime, ongoing anime, manga videos that are sorted popularity-wise. On the body, there is a sub-frame that contains the promotional quote, “watch anime episodes online streaming dubbed & subbed; you can find the perfect anime just for you.”

Below that, the body contains the latest episodes of the ongoing anime dramas; the latest subbed episodes, the latest dubbed episodes, and information about upcoming anime programs. While the right side of the website contains the popular animes thumbnails, the footer of the Animeram website contains information about copyright.

  • Content quality

Animeram website avails anime videos in different video qualities from 240p to 1080p. The videos which are tagged as the subbed generally come in HD formats video and audio quality. The anime videos come in both English-dubbed and subbed versions. You can stream and download any length of the video of your favorite anime series on any mobile device or PC.

  • Categorization

The website of animeram has categorization on the basis of popular anime and manga series. By clicking on the ‘popular’ option, you can find a neat categorization of the dramas and movie lists in alphabetical order. Naruto being the most popular superhero anime character in the entire anime world, Animeram took it as a special treatment towards the anime fanatics to make a special categorization for it. The emotionally compelling plotlines and characters of the series play a significant role in the popularity of this website. There are many anime shows and series that have been adapted from popular novels and web-series.

How to safely browse Animeram?

On the contrary to other websites, we have established that the Animeram website is very user-friendly. Despite the claim of being the best, other websites often include and show annoying ads that could interrupt your streaming and create unrequited cache files that can slow down the video performance. 

Those ads can also be harmful to your device, which can create a portal for cyber-bullies. With Animeram, you can browse and stream any video without the interruption of any bothersome ads or pop-ups, which proves that the website is less likely to compromise the security of your data and information. 

Although, you must always use VPN while browsing anything on the internet to make your IP address secure from any unauthorized promotion, cybercrime, or government officials to track down your location and internet data. Using VPN can also make your online streaming faster without worrying about privacy.

What genres are there in Animeram?

The aesthetically pleasing artistic and graphic designs of the alternative world of the anime are very addicting, and the antithetical yet unique and non-practicality of the anime world makes the viewers keep anticipating the outcomes of every plot-twist. Animeram has a vast range of anime collections that goes across any innovative genres such as:

  • Kodomo (generally for the children)
  • Shonen (aimed for teen boys)
  • Shojo (aimed for teen girls)
  • Seinen (for young adult men)
  • Josei (for young adult women)
  • Hentai (erotic content)
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy’
  • Mystery
  • Magic
  • Psychological
  • Sci-fi
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Game
  • Martial arts
  • Historical
  • Demons
  • Cyberpunk
  • Music
  • Parody
  • Police
  • Music
  • Vampire
  • Tragedy
  • Mecha (related to robots)
  • Shotacon (affection towards young boys)
  • Isekai (alternative universe)
  • Yaoi (romance among boys)
  • Yuri (romance among girls)
  • Supernatural
  • Slice of life (containing moe/fluff)

Rival sites

  • Kissanime.ru
  • Wcostream.com
  • Thewatchcartoononline.tv
  • Animeheaven.ru
  • Animeultima.to
  • Animeshow.tv
  • Animekisa.tv
  • Dubbedanime.net
  • Smotret-anime.ru
  • Anitube.biz
  • Narutospot.tv
  • Animeforce.org
  • Hentaistram.com
  • Adkami.com
  • Animegg.org
  • Ani4u.org
  • Kawaiifu.com
  • Animeget.net
  • Atamashi.net
  • Animestreams.net
  • Hentaimoe.me
  • Animefrenzy.eu
  • Goanimelist.me
  • Animejolt.com
  • Animesgogo.com
  • Animeworld.it
  • Otakustream.tv
  • Goodanime.co
  • Gogoanime.in
  • Anitokyo.tv


  1. Does Animeram have any app for android?

No, Animeram does not have any official or unofficial mobile or PC app made for personalized usage. You must have to use a valid internet browser to stream English subbed or dubbed anime through Animeram to enjoy your favorite show.

  1. Can I watch the animes on Animeram with English subs on?

Yes, Animeram avails many of its anime with English sub on, which can be streamed with the high video quality.

  1. Do I have to open an account in Animeram to stream free on the website?

No, Animeram does not provide the option for opening any viewer account to enjoy anime and manga programs.

  1. Do I have to pay for watching anime on Animeram?

No, Animeram is a free anime streaming website. The only thing that could cost you would be your internet data, which you can easily skip by connecting to a secure Wi-Fi server.

  1. Can I download video files from Animeram?

Yes, Animeram permits direct download, which you can do by clicking on the download option present in the video-play.

A free anime streaming website like Animeram is really an accommodating way to access anime programs and shows all across the world without charging the viewers with premium money. This affordable facility is well-appreciated by the audience to watch the animes with subtitles on so they can get educated about the anime culture.

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