7 Smartphone Apps That You Definitely Need in 2021

Our smartphones are our best friends that are capable of performing almost every imaginable task in our daily lives. Whether it is commute, entertainment, cooking, exercising, or pretty much anything else, there is an app for that on our smartphones.

That being said, it is not easy to differentiate among  apps that are efficient in serving their purpose from those that make false claims. To ease your troubles, we took it upon ourselves to handpick the best of the best in terms of smartphone apps in the year 2021. Let’s see what the world of smartphones has to offer.

Brave Private Browser

You may be used to a certain web browser on your smartphone, but the Brave Private Browser may compel you to think again. This remarkable web browser aims to fortify your browsing experience, keeping away any and all intruders who may attempt to access your information.

In addition to offering the simplest design for its users, this browser comes with several built-in extensions to improve the overall user experience. Extensions such as Adblocks, third-party cookie blockers, and malware blockers are only some of the most amazing features that this browser has to offer.


Your smartphones may come with a default keyboard that offers reasonable additional features. However, the Gboard keyboard from Google takes it up a notch. Not only can you download this keyboard app on Android, but you can enjoy it on iOS as well.

The app offers several exciting features such as a rich library of emojis and GIFs, slide typing, and compatibility with a plethora of different languages. Furthermore, you can enjoy the handwriting feature, voice typing, and not to mention you can simultaneously access Google translate as you are typing a message.

LastPass Password Manager

You may have created numerous online accounts on all sorts of different platforms. With all these accounts, you need to remember all the unique passwords perfectly. Since this task can be a handful, LastPass Password Manager is there to lend you a hand.

With this phenomenal app, you can store all your passwords in one location and protect them by one master password. Now, you won’t need to remember numerous passwords as you can access all of them by your Master password. Moreover, the app offers a password generator, so that you do not need to scratch your heads every time you need to think of a new password.


Many people prefer personalized texts over unwanted and time-consuming calls. If you are one of those people, let us tell you a bit about Textra, the next level of mobile messaging. With Textra, even mundane text messaging becomes fun.

Equipped with many insane features and functionalities such as custom themes, SMS scheduling, slide to text, and slide to call, this app is the perfect substitute for your default messaging app.

Blue Apron

If you believe food brings joy into your life, then you will fall in love with this app. Blue Apron offers a ton of cool features that make your food experiences all the more satisfying and meaningful.

The app allows you to enjoy exciting features, such as food recipe videos, meal suggestions, grocery delivery, and access to the most amazing food recipes you can imagine. Not only can you enjoy the most scrumptious recipes, but you can also learn about many healthy tips and tricks to enhance your food experiences.

TunnelBear VPN

Every little effort counts when it comes to keeping your privacy intact. That is why we suggest adding an effective VPN app to your smartphone arsenal. TunnelBear is a remarkable VPN that is not only easy to understand, but it is also capable of completely hiding your physical IP address from the public’s eye.

Whether you are into hardcore gaming, back-to-back streaming, or casual social media browsing, TunnelBear is the perfect companion for all your online sessions. The app was even rated as the best VPN app in 2020 by Wirecutter.


In this hectic life, it is important to keep yourself entertained. Whether it is watching sports, binge-watching your favorite TV show, or watching the premier of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, you can access all those with the help of high-speed internet services such as Suddenlink internet and enjoy a buffer-free experience.

Hulu is an online platform that is filled with tremendous amounts of entertaining content. It doesn’t matter if you are into comedy, action, sports, documentaries, or anything else, Hulu has a title worth watching for you. What’s more, Hulu also releases a ton of original content that you cannot get on any other platform.

In a Nutshell

The world of smartphones is filled with limitless possibilities. All it takes for you is to dig a little deep and you can find the perfect app for every task possible. We have narrowed down a few categories for you, now it is up to you to explore the rest. Just remember to get the best internet service from BuyTVInternetPhone to complement your apps.

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